Weary. But I should not be. Today has been spent putting together this website. I always think that is a task I am going to relish; it will be fun, you know? Clicking, dragging, dropping… all so easy.

Then I realize my images don’t fit my template and I have to go searching for correct sizes (that should be shown right there in the template, but they are not). Then I need to create and load the new images to cover up the stock junk in the template. Why do I always think using a template will be easier that building from scratch?

(Insert angry emoji here. Hah! I can actually do that.)

(Insert angry emoji here.)

I cannot and will not go back through everything that went wrong today. I am reasonably happy with what I have; I just have to publish it now and make sure it’s all cool. On every viewport.

I’d rather have spent my time carving and stamping. And I will next chance I get.

Thanks for visiting.