What’s in a stamp?

I’m amazed at how one rubber stamp can make so many different impressions. Using a variety of colours, pressing firmly or lightly, moving during the press… everything changes so that your rubber stamp never makes the same mark twice (unless you want it to).

Stamping is a way of impressing an idea onto a page. Printmaking is a very physical process- acting upon the page to burnish a permanent mark.


I start with an idea, a doodle, a word… and from that I build an illustration. Sometimes, the drawing¬†needs to be modified or simplified to facilitate carving. If the illustration is complex, I photograph it, flip it and transfer it onto the soft lino before I carve.

Carving is very meditative; it’s my favourite part of the process. As I carve, I test stamp frequently to see what still needs to be removed, where I can refine a line or clean up excess lino.

If the stamp is to be mounted, I choose the size and shape of my mounting block and adhere the carved stamp to the block using a marine epoxy.

Set of Hand Carved Feather Stamps

Custom carved rubber stamps are available. Contact me.